Monday, 17 February 2014

...and one more donation

The final donation in a week of donations was this rather lovely little (it is very small) Tudor style dress. It was given by a lovely lady from Cambridge and it belonged to her late mother.

Her mother acted here at the Maddermarket in the mid 1940s but we worked out that the dress was probably made for her around 1938/9.  The dress was for the character of Mary Queen of Scots but we're not sure if it was for a MMT production. I will be hitting the archives soon.

It's always great receiving donations but when they have provenance too, it's even better.  Not sure if we'll be able to use it for our June production of Anne Boleyn. As I said, it is very tiny and it only just fits my smallest dummy, but I will use it for the production display.

The black is cotton velvet and the white is rayon

The skirt is covered with silver sequins and the braid is beaded silver

French hood trimmed with artificial pearls

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