Monday, 24 February 2014

Absolutely the last donation for a while!

One final donation from a particularly bountiful fortnight. I was out when this arrived but luckily Dawn excepted it on my behalf.

It is a beautiful blouse circa 1890 in almost perfect condition.

Heavily pin tucked black satin lined with white silk

Trimmed with black sequin and seed bead encrusted lace

Small hidden pocket sewn to the cotton lining. This used to contain a scented handkerchief or posy. You can also just see some of the internal boning.

At first we weren't sure why the waistband was a lot bigger than the rest of the blouse but we think it could possible have been a maternity garment.

Close up of the neck  with lace and beading

Beautiful details on the cuffs and rosettes on the waistband

There are no labels inside but that is not uncommon for this era so it is hard to tell if this was a home made garment or a shop bought one. It is small, probably equivalent to a modern size 6.

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