Saturday, 28 June 2014

Anne Boleyn Part 3

The following photographs are from the final dress rehearsal and taken by Barry Parsons of East Anglian Photographic Services. Thanks Barry! Set design by Ginny Bain, constructed by James Utting. Lighting design by Tom Porteous. Stage Manager Sarah Farmer. Directed by Clare Howard

The ghost of Anne Boleyn.(Rebecca Aldred) I wonder what's in that bag!

James 1st (Chistopher Neale) and Cecil (Pete Sessions) have a stand off

James is rather taken with George Villiers (Steven Scase)

Henry is rather taken with Anne

Warren Ray Lynch as Henry

Sloop and Simpkin. Cromwell's hard men (Alex Cowley and James McDonald)

Anne searches for William Tyndale

Lady Jane Seymore and Lady Celia read the forbidden text

Cardinal Wolsey (Peter Wood) and Anne

James 1 in Anne's coronation dress

Onstage costume changes are always tricky

James has an audience with the Anglican clergy

...and the Puritans

Dr John Reynolds (Peter Woods) and Lancelot Andrewes (Ian Macdonald)

Cromwell (George Norton) and Jane Seymore (Hattie Amey)

Anne meets the country folk and Tyndale

Anne and Cromwell saying Martin Luther's prayer

Queen Anne with country women (Eileen Collisson and Kelly Brooke)

Another show over and done and what a big one! My heartfelt and huge thanks go to the following people - 

Chrissie Blackburn
Holly Hambidge
Martin Frost
Eileen Collisson
Edna Rudd
Judith Symonds
Sarah Prince White
Ginny and Hero Bain
Bethany Hughes
Anne Giles

See you soon for the next one..........

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