Monday, 27 January 2014

Snow Queen Photos

....and there it was gone! In a puff of glitter.Quite literally!!

This stuff gets every where. Still finding it in odd places nearly a month later.

It took 6 months of thinking and planning, 6 weeks of construction, making and fitting and about a week to dismantle and put away. It was so all encompassing that I didn't have any time to update on the way so here are some piccys of some of the work in progress, fittings and performances. Enjoy........

The Snow Queen's wig and head dress

The headdress was quite heavy so we ended up sewing it to the wig. The wig itself needed constant attention. Daily spraying, backcombing and glittering.

Gerda's pocket

This beautiful pocket was probably the starting point of the design concept. I had a book of Swedish folk costume and loved the vibrant reds and colourful embroidery on black. The pocket is key in the story of Gerda as it is where she puts the icy shard plucked from Kai's heart. This pocket was made by a very talented lady called Eileen who volunteers for me in the wardrobe department.

Does anyone speak Swedish?
A few pictures of Gerda's (Moira Hickson) fitting

First fitting before the yards of braid was added.

Practicing hairstyles. You can also see pinning down the back of the bodice ready to be taken in.

Gerda's coat with added braid. This was based on Lyra's coat in the film 'The Golden Compass'

and some more of the cast

Cobweb spider (Chris Neale) trying out his beard
We used fullers earth to create a thick layer of dust on Cobweb's coat. We also covered him in cobwebs (obviously!)
...and boots

Luke Hull as the Prince
Most members of the cast had multiple roles. Luke had to go from Polar bear to Prince to robber to Ice Ghost. This meant under and over dressing and having to make a few compromises with some of the costumes.

Etta Geras as the Robber Queen
Both the Robber Queen and Grandma were wearing ALL of the clothes!!

Some of my fantastic wardrobe ladies enjoying a well deserved festive treat

The following are production photographs (dress rehearsal in fact) taken by the lovely Sean Owen of Reflective Arts. Please do not reproduce without permission. 

Kai (Daniel Robertson) & Gerda (Moira Hickson)
..and Etta Geras as Grandma

Rebecca Chapman as the Snow Queen

Making an entrance

Hard Bear (Dawn Brindle) & Soft Bear (Luke Hull)

Gerda and the Ravens

Giles Conneely as King Grin

The Robber Queen with Twitch, Muscles and Nico

Snow Queen and Kai

Gerda meets the Ice Ghosts
Polar bears in action

Kai trapped in the ice

Gerda saves Kai

Ta da!

Grandma warming up

Sun goddess Bhima (Dawn Brindle)

The robbers

Cobweb and King Grin

Scruff and Aunty Peck the Ravens

In the Snow Queen's Palace

Little Redhead (Hattie Amie) and Gerda
Princess, Prince and Bhima

Many thanks to the following people for all their help with the Snow Queen costumes -

Amy Jean Moore
Martin Frost
Christine Rees
Suzanne Bell
Eileen Collisson
Edna Rudd
Judith Symonds
Sarah Prince White
Chrissie Blackburn

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