Friday, 8 November 2013

A snowy dress fit for a queen

Tentative steps.

This is the costume I've wanted to make all my professional life and now I get to make it and I don't know where to begin! I do have some guidelines to help. I can't be completely white as it would get lost in the set so I'm thinking a base under dress of white satin with an overlay of silver mesh. Also, thinking of a cloak of ice blue velvet with grey fur trimming and white satin lining. The actress has mentioned that she doesn't fancy anything too figure hugging and I really like the idea of textures and layers and trying to avoid the evil queen stereotypes. So I'm making samples and sketching for the first time in years

Playing with fabrics and textures

The Snow Queen's boots

The first of many sketchy ideas
I love the fluid textures here. It looks very icy but isn't white ('Morphos' from world of wearable art website)

Next step, a few more sketches and a consultation with the actress. Knock up a toile and get cracking. There will be a lot of sparkles to sew on!

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