Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Playhouse Creatures Part Three

Better late than never, here are some dress rehearsal images with costumes almost, but not quite ready. Just a few last minute tweaks to be done.

Photography by Matthew Potter - matthewpotter007@yahoo.co.uk

Dot Binns as Doll Common

Becky Sweet as Mrs Betterton

Emily Deere as Mrs Farley

Libby Waite as Mrs Marshall

Rebecca Wass as Nell Gwyn


Libby Waite as Mrs Marshall

Mrs Farley concealing her bump!

Mrs M and Nell as boys as girls!

Mrs F fallen in the gutter

Becky Sweet as Mrs Betterton

Doll in full flight

Mrs M and Mrs B as Amazons

A scene from Antony and Cleopatra

Mrs F and Mrs M

Mrs Betterton studying her parts

Nell in her first role

A scene from the Provok'd Wife

Mrs F in trouble

Nell in more splendid clothes

Nell and Mrs B


Nell Gwyn - Rebecca Wass
Doll Common - Dot Binns
Mrs Betterton - Becky Sweet
Mrs Marshall - Libby Waite
Mrs Farley - Emily Deere

Director - Lucinda Bray
Set and Lighting Design - Rhett Davies
Costume Design - Amanda Greenway
Wigs styling - Mary Elliot
Hair and make up - Bella Allain
Stage Manager - Verity Roat

Back again soon with more tales from the wardrobe................
Back again soon with more tales 

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